Is a Smart Lock a Smart Idea?

You get very upset when you go out and realize that your front door remains unlocked. And then, either you have to get back or pass your day worrying about your door. Now, with the advancement of science and technology, you are no longer bored and can lock your front door using a smart lock just tap on your smartphone. 

The smart lock is a process to lock and unlock your door without using a traditional metal key. Rather you will use a numeric code or touchscreen in conjunction with an application on your smartphone to lock or unlock your door even from a distant location.

Smart locks are becoming very popular day by day. It is very strong, made with deadbolts and no chance to take entrance without your permission. It can operate in secure ways like using numeric code and touchscreen facilities. If you need to rent your property, then not need to change your lock rather you just change your codes. To install a smart lock you need to contact a locksmith service because it needs a proper setup, otherwise, you may be faced with an easy break-in.

Pros of a Smart Lock

  • Ease of Entry

Smart locks have been invented to make it easier to open your door by simply tapping on your smartphone. Using a smart lock, you no longer jumble for your keys or jiggle the key in the lock to get it to open.

  • Convenience

Sometimes, you are worried about expecting guests or delivery people while you are away from home. You have a chance to resolve the problem by just using a smart lock.  You can change your lock’s codes with other codes to enter your home for each person or your all guests along with expiration time for each code. 

  • Peace of Mind

 It has one of the best benefits of the smart locks that have a tracking system to always control your home. When you are away from your home, you can track who is coming in and out of your home as well as can ensure whether your children have come to your home from school. Besides, using smart locks, you can identify if your door is locked or unlocked from your phone whenever you want and even any distant place.

  • Protection from Lock Picking

Using a smart lock is safer than traditional locks. Tradition locks may be subject to lock break-in, lock picking or lock bumping. If you use traditional metal locks, the thieves might try creating a break in to enter your home and can do a lot of damage. Since smart locks have no key slots, you are no longer at risk of this type of break-in.

  • Connecting to the Rest of Your Home

If you want to interconnect with the rest of the door of the home, this is possible with Smart Lock. So, you can control all your doors just by your smartphone. You can create a system to lock or unlock all your doors just one tap on your devices or separately.

Cons of a Smart Lock

  • Reliance on Phones and Networks

Since you are getting all your locks information with your phone, you have to rely on your phones always. Smart Lock is usually managed with a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, if you lose your phone, get stolen, get lost or damaged, you may face a lockout problem if you do not have a backup plan to log into your account on another smartphone or device. Furthermore, if your power outage turns off Wi-fi, you wouldn’t be able to use the facility like remote locking or unlocking your door, thus you have to rely on a Wi-Fi connection always.

  • Potential for Hacking

Though you are safe from lock picking, hackers have chances to hack your entry code to open your door. But, there is a positive side also, if any intruders or thieves get access to enter your home, the lock mechanism may be able to notify you and the police as well.

  • More Expensive than Traditional locks

Sometimes, it may need to cost more than the traditional lock and key systems. While you are using you may require to install the lock as well as sync it to your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Furthermore, it can be expensive to fix them if they malfunction.

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